What’s an SEO web editor ?

I am a web SEO editor, a specialist in writing SEO articles.

My main mission consists in documentation and exchange with the client in order to produce a coherent text, in perfect adequacy with the services/products to be promoted.

As an SEO web editor, I have tools that allow me to study the competition and to have a good mastery of the most searched keywords by Internet users. This is why I am able to propose texts that will, without a doubt, optimize the visibility of my client’s company’s website.

Nowadays, having a visible website requires a good referencing. In this sense, it is necessary to use a freelance SEO writer or an SEO web editor. I’ve been in the web copywriting business for 7 years now. Among my services, also as a freelance SEO copywriter, I offer to write SEO content optimized for your digital media.

Why use an SEO editor ?

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With the internet development, positioning oneself on the first page of search engines is the coveted objective of many companies.

To achieve this, your website must essentially be visible, attractive and must respond effectively to the requests of Internet users. If you have neither the skills nor the time to write, call on a freelance SEO web editor.

Web writing is not something you can improvise. An SEO copywriter is capable of writing SEO-optimized and high value-added content.

SEO is a group of methods and techniques that are used to improve and increase the visibility of a site on the results of a search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc.. Also, my status as a web editor in Paris gives me the ability to adopt good techniques to place your products or services on the first page of search results.

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« It’s never too late to become what you could have been » George Eliot

Developing an activity is a daily challenge that requires courage and determination.

You have chosen to take up this challenge alone or as a team.

Whatever your field of activity and expertise, you have one main objective: to develop your business because this is the price you can aspire to the life you deserve. For you and for your loved ones.

Rédaction Web SEO et de Copywriting

Quickly seduce and sell thanks to high value-added content

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on the creation and distribution of relevant, quality content that delivers real value to the target audience.

With an authentic, powerful and unique marketing content, you will be able to…:

  • Gaining visibility and credibility;
  • Stimulate the interest of your prospects;
  • Gaining their trust;
  • Engaging them;
  • Build loyalty with your existing customers;
  • Generate more traffic to your website and other marketing materials

Investing in the future with a freelance SEO Web Editor et and Copywriter

Producing relevant marketing content with high added value requires technique, curiosity, imagination, creativity, high standards and patience.
It is a vocation, an art.

You can learn how to write your own content, but it will take time, time that you will need to develop your side projects.

And since every problem has its solution, I put my pen at your service as an artist.
My passion and talent for words in SEO content writing and copywriting will allow you to:

  •  To appear on the first page of the search engine Google;
  •  To have very good quality content, punchy and SEO optimized;
  •  To diversify your digital marketing supports (website, blog, landing pages, social networks, emails …);
  •  To have a content strategy in line with your image and your products/services;
  •  Generate engagement, traffic and customer conversions;
  •  To gain more visibility and credibility;
  •  To reinforce your target’s confidence;
  •  To simply make a difference.

Why don’t we start right now ?

Eye-catching SEO-optimized content and copywriting to make the difference.

Writing SEO web content

I am able to ensure the creation of your web editorial contents, their proofreading as well as their SEO optimization: writing of your website pages, description of services, writing of e-commerce website product sheets, blog articles, publications on social networks. I master the techniques of SEO-optimized article writing in order to help you in your SEO strategy.


With my punchy catchphrases, empathy, passion for words and creativity, I am able to write unique and selling content for your website, your landings pages, your emails, your social networks, your newsletters, your brochures etc…

10 reasons to choose my SEO Web Content and Copywriting services

  • Expert in communication and writing (7 years of experience in France and abroad)
  •  Proficiency in two languages (French and English)
  •  Trained in the best SEO and Copywriting techniques
  •  High quality, punchy and SEO-optimized content
  •  Perfect spelling and grammar
  •  Good general culture (curiosity and open-mindedness)
  •  Recognized talent and passion for words
  •  Customized and personalized offers
  •  Flexible and available 7 days a week
  •  Very good value for money


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life coach

Stan, coach and CEO

of Life Coach Paris

    Mathilde is a talented Web SEO editor and Copywriter with a lot of passion for words. She knew how to promote my website by writing many articles, SEO optimized. During several months, I have received many calls thanks to her work, her expertise and her creativity. I recommend her!   


Elhabib Bouacem, CEO

of Déménager Malin.fr

    I used Mathilde’s services in SEO writing. I am delighted with the work accomplished, with the respect of the instructions. She has shown adaptability in several areas, a very varied general culture, an essential element for a writer. She has an appreciable writing style as well as an impeccable expertise of the French and English languages. I recommend her for all these reasons. Thank you for everything.    


Margot, Customer relationship

at Le Bon Coach

    We have been collaborating with Mathilde for several months and she does a wonderful job. The writing of Mathilde’s texts is relevant, impactful and serious. Sometimes we ask her for a job in the morning and she gives us her articles a few hours later. Mathilde is reactive and very professional.   

The trusted me for the Web seo content and Copywriting expertise

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